Case Results

Favorable Jury Verdict in civil assault/battery case

May 2018

After a week long jury trial representing the Defendant in a civil assault/battery case brought by his ex-spouse, the firm obtained a favorable verdict for its client. 

Liability was not at issue.  The only dispute involved the amount of damages to be awarded to Plaintiff.  Plaintiff sought compensatory damages for a shoulder injury claimed to have been suffered by her during the incident, as well as millions of dollars in punitive damages.

Defendant, on the other hand, denied that the Plaintiff's shoulder injury was related to the incident, and denied that Plaintiff was entitled to punitive damages. According to Defendant, the Plaintiff's total damages should not exceed $100,000.

Both sides called board certified orthopedic surgeons to testify as experts in the case.  

In the end, the jury agreed with the Defendant on both counts, finding that the Plaintiff's shoulder injury was not related and denying Plaintiff's claim for punitive damages.  The jury awarded Plaintiff less than $85,000 in compensatory damages -- millions less than Plaintiff hoped for, and exactly the amount the Defendant claimed the case was worth.

Practice area(s): Litigation

Court: Maricopa County Superior Court

Jason M. Venditti

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