Arizona Trial Lawyers

Arizona Trial Attorneys

We are not merely litigators; we are trial lawyers. Many so-called litigators have never actually tried a case, or do so so infrequently that they are largely ineffective.  If you are involved in a case that could go to trial, you cannot afford to have just any litigator represent you. You need a trial attorney.

We have the knowledge, experience and track record to successfully try your case to a court or jury.  Our attorneys have significant trial experience in complex, high stakes litigation. We have tried cases involving business and contract disputes, construction, real estate, employment disputes, covenants not to compete/solicit, personal injury, and consumer fraud.

Our courtroom experience is invaluable when it comes to analyzing a client's likelihood of success at trial. We understand that trials are expensive and, for this reason, do not believe in taking cases to trial that cannot be won. Therefore, we carefully analyze a client's claims and defenses at the outset, as well as every stage along the way, to ensure that they have a winnable case to present to a court or jury.  We then develop a trial strategy that allows us to present the case in a compelling fashion. By the time we get to trial, we are so confident about the strength of our case, we feel as if the outcome is never in doubt.