Dispute Resolution

Mediation Services

The firm offers cost-effective mediation and alternative dispute resolution services for those involved in a dispute or looking to avoid one. 

Mediation is the world's leading form of dispute resolution and can help parties avoid, or bring an end, to costly and time-consuming litigation. Among the many benefits of mediation is the ability to control the outcome, as opposed to letting a judge or jury decide your fate for you. Moreover, the process is completely voluntary, and there is no obligation to settle and no prejudice to either side for failing to do so. 

The firm's principal, Jason Venditti, is a certified mediator who has helped numerous individuals and businesses mediate and resolve their disputes over the years, saving them time, aggravation, and tens of thousands of dollars in future litigation expenses. Jason's ability to evaluate a case when it comes to how a judge or jury is likely to perceive each parties' position is invaluable for any party involved in litigation. His tell-it-like-it-is, no-nonsense approach can help both sides size up their case and make an informed decision when it comes to settling or moving forward with litigation.