Arizona Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Arizona Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

There is nothing like being out on the open road on two wheels. But anyone who rides knows how scary it can be.

Our Arizona motorcycle accident attorney, Jason Venditti, knows first-hand that even the safest riders can be put in serious danger by an unsafe driver. Jason grew up riding dirtbikes and now rides a Harley Davidson street bike. 

Did you know?

In Arizona, there is no requirement that a motorcycle rider over 18 years of age wear a helmet.  However, if you are involved in a motorcycle accident and are not wearing a helmet, you could be found to be wholly or partially at fault for your injuries under Arizona's comparative fault statute. This means that a jury could reduce the amount of damages you are awarded by the percentage of fault assigned to you.

So ride safe, always wear a helmet, and contact us for a free consultation if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident.