Arizona Dog Bite Lawyers

Arizona Dog Bite Attorneys

Under Arizona's "dog bite" statute, the owner of a dog which bites a person is strictly liable for the damages suffered by the person bitten, even if the dog had never been aggressive in the past and the owner had no knowledge of the likelihood of an attack.

Under the statute, an “Owner” is defined as any person keeping an animal for more than  6 consecutive days.  “Keeping” means one who exercises care, custody or control of the dog. 

So, if you own a home in Arizona, and you allow someone to live there who has a dog, and that dog bites and injures someone, it is the dog's "owner" – not the homeowner who merely allows the dog to live on the property – that would be liable, if the homeowner does not also exercise care, custody or control of the dog. 

Significantly, the statute does not apply to trespassers.  To make a claim, the person injured must have been bitten while on public property or while lawfully on private property, including the property of the dog owner.

Furthermore, provocation is a defense.  Proof that the injured person provoked the attack is a defense to an action against the dog's owner for damages.

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